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Property Patrols

We provide security patrol services for the protection of the goods and property of an individual or an organization.

Escort Duties

We provide escort guards to secure lady employees, artists, politicians, and businessmen travelling from work to home or elsewhere.

Security Officers

Customers can avail our state registered security officers who will safeguard the residential and commercial buildings and the jobsites.


Our security guards can protect every bank to make secure the ATM, cash, employees and customers from bank robbers.

Armed Security Guards

We deliver armed security guards to every person or industrial unit from any kind of hazards or bad incidents.

Unarmed Security Guards

Our unarmed security guards are deployed to provide security guard services for special event, warehouse, retirement housing community, etc.


Our company security personnel will ensure safety of every kind of luxurious or local club from any untoward happenings.

Commercial Sites (All)

Our security guards secures all commercial sites like car showroom or stores to prevent customer loss or revenue loss.

Facilities: Hospitals, Clinics

Any private or government hospitals and personal clinics can hire our security services to prevent irreparable harm to reputation.

Business & Banks

All the business organization and commercial banks can call us for security services to prevent criminals and financial loss.

24- Hour Monitoring

Customers can call us for 24/7 monitoring services as we provide safety measures like alarm systems or CCTV cameras.

Apartments and Homes

Customers can call us for 24/7 monitoring services as we provide safety measures like alarm systems or CCTV cameras.

Private Events & Community Events

The clients can contact us for the security services for any in-house or outside private events and community events.

Shopping centers, Parking Lots

Our trained security officers can guard shopping malls and parking lots as they are equipped with security check-up instruments.

Libraries, Schools

We provide security guards to every library and school to protect assets and people from any kind of danger.

Strike Force

Our trained strike force can take tough decision and action to protect life and money against some harmful incident.

Stores, Hotels & Motels

Our employees are capable of guarding any retail stores, hotels and motels to prevent legal cost or life loss.